FRANCESCO DEL NERO – Come punti di una trama di sabbia

Presented during the concert series “Matter, Virtuality and The Expanded Body”, “Come punti di una trama di sabbia” is a new work for ensemble, electronics and RGB lights. It represents a sort of journey into my mind, in which the virtual element has both the function of creating a soundscape around the audience and the function of a character that will bring the listener from a real world to the surreal world of dream.


A piece with the intention and form of an installation made as a metaphor of a daily catharsis and based on the author’s poem “gabbia” (“cage”). This poem (and so the piece) is based on the idea of verses and meanings as circles, the poem itself being a circle and identifying itself both as a reason and a solution for a solitude that is the cage and the seed of life.


In this context, lights (which are turning on and off defining the moments when the instruments will play or not) have a fundamental role, they represent me increasingly focusing on the interior world of my thoughts rather then (but at the same time starting from) the narrow and sometimes claustrophobic daily world (represented by the noises I recorded from my apartment in Malmö). It’s a sort of battle between those elements in which none of them is able to get rid of the other one. In fact, if on the one hand, lights get increasingly more hectic and present, on the other hand the noises become more and more annoying and loud. It’s a battle where the unconscious can’t ignore the real world (it’s where, in the end, it has its roots) but also the real world get transformed following my artistic needs. Everything representing therefore, a metaphor of creation seen as the rational governance of interior and exterior forces to which is assigned a specific function within the final work.

Ars Nova ensemble:

Sara Wilén – voice
Jonatan Sersam, piano
Antonio Neilly Menedez, Tuba
Joakim Lissmyr, double bass
Niclas Gustafsson, bass clarinet



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