Ars Nova Society was originally founded in 1961 as an association for contemporary music and played an important role in the independent musical life of southern Sweden and especially in Malmö. It arranged several festivals as Nutida Musikdagar in 1995, Elektrisk Helg in 2003 and Borderline in 2005. One of its goals is to explore forms of expression in which instrumental music and music technology can come together and enrich one another.

Contextually, in 1986 an ensemble devoted to the performance of new music was formed gathering freelance musicians as well as members of the Malmö Symphony Orchestra. Ars Nova Ensemble released two CDs (“Contemporary Swedish Music” – 1991; “All Digital” – 1995) and went on tour in Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Germany.

In 2017, after few years of inactivity, the ensemble was enriched with a new generation of performers from Malmö, who gave fresh impetus to its life, and in 2018 the ensemble reached its current formation: Agata Tuchołka, flute; Natalie Eriksson, clarinet; Madalena Rodrigues, violin; Hillevi Hillerud, cello; Francesco Del Nero, piano; Jonatan Sersam, piano; Alessandro Perini, electronics.

Ars Nova Ensemble performed for the first time in Stockholm in Grünewaldsalen on the 13th of October 2018 for the KVAST 10 years anniversary festival.