JONATAN SERSAM – “Scenen.Handlingen”

The piece SCENEN.HANDLINGEN for voices and ensemble examines and analyzes text fragments from Inger Christensens collection of poems DET, written in 1969. A handful of texts constitute the basis for a series of miniatures, where the internal proportions and structures of the texts set the conditions for the compositional ideas. The absence of dramatic situations in the lyrics gives space for the DNA and the internal proportions of the texts to appear (things that were a main concern for Christensen; the use of the Fibonacci series in Alfabet and the use of a sort of self-generative as well as a deconstructive system in DET makes this clear). The two female vocalists are equipped with contact microphones on their forehead, which are attached to tactile speakers that are placed inside the piano. This makes the vibrations that happen in the very skulls of the singers travels into the piano and make the strings co-resonate. This idea is connected to the inherent overall idea of DET, where words constantly generate new words, and the exaggerated repetition of certain words suddenly generates a minimal change, a mutation, in the flow. There is also the idea of the macro-cosmos mirroring the micro-cosmos. This concept is explored carefully in the flute – voice duo where a series of harmonic spectras are being dug into as the music goes along.

Ars Nova Ensemble:

Sara Wilén – voice
Agnes Wästfelt – voice
Agata Tuchołka – flute
Francesco Del Nero – piano
Joakim Lissmyr – double bass
Stefan Östersjö, electric guitar

conducted by the composer



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