Madalena Rodrigues

unspecified - Cópia

Madalena Rodrigues was born in Lisbon in 1992 and began her violin studies with ten years old at the Music School Nossa Senhora do Cabo in Álvaro Pinto teacher’s class. She attended masterclasses with the professors Aníbal Lima and Filipa Poejo in the course Viana Music Festival two years in a row and with the renowned violinist and conductor Evgeny Bushkov. She also had classes with Gareguin Aroutiounnian, Anzhela Akopyan, Sergei Azizian, Eszter Haffner and Matthew Trusler.

She has worked in various orchestras (such as Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa, where she is currently on the backup list) and with renowned conductors, like Henrique Piloto, Christopher Bochmann, Martin André, Jean Sébastien Béreau, Pedro Neves, Michael Zilm, Evgeny Bushkov, Joana Carneiro, Antoni Ros, Emilio Pomarico Marbà, Fredrik Burstedt and Han-Na Chang.  She also attended early music groups under the guidance of Professor John Paul Janeiro and worked in the Studio of Contemporary Music organized by Professor Pedro Pinto Figueiredo.

She finished her bachelor’s as an Orchestra Violinist in Academia Nacional Superior de Orquestra Metropolitana, belonging in the class of the professor Ágnes Sárosi, working with conductor Jean-Marc Burfin in orchestra and teachers Alexei Eremine, Paul Wakabayashi and Paulo Pacheco in chamber music.

Recently she just finished her Masters in Performance in Musikhögskolan i Malmö with Marika Fältskog as her teacher and completed her orchestra praktik in Malmö Symphony Orchestra with a good review.



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