Hillevi Hillerud


Swedish cellist Hillevi Hillerud was born in Stockholm in 1994. She began her cello studies in 1999 with Elisabeth Lysell-Bjermkvist. In 2010 she was awarded a place at Lilla Akademiens Musikgymnasium, where she continued to study with Elisabeth Lysell-Bjermkvist. In 2013 she went to Malmö to study towards her Bachelor’s degree at Malmö Academy of Music. Hillevi studied with John Ehde, and after finishing her Bachelor’s degree, she continued to study at Malmö Academy of Music towards her Master’s degree, this time with Torleif Thedeén.

During her time at the Academy she was awarded numerous scholarships for excellent studentship and cello playing.

Hillevi is an active chamber musician, cello teacher, workshop leader and orchestra musician. Hillevi teaches at Nykterhetsrörelsens Bildningsverksamhet in Malmö, and is a sought-after substitute teacher all across Skåne. As a chamber musician Hillevi has performed at some of the most prestigious venues in Sweden. She has performed at Grünewaldssalen, Berwalhallen, Malmö Live, Palladium, Musikaliska, to mention a few.

Hillevi is a member of Skåne-based chamber music group Ars Nova.

In 2015 she had her soloist debut with Sånga Kammarorkester playing Haydn cello concerto in C-major.

Hillevi has participated in several side-by-side projects with Helsingborg’s Symphony Orchestra and Malmö’s Symphony Orchestra. During her studies she was also principal in all of the Academy’s orchestras, aswell as in Malmö symfonietta. Hillevi has also participated in student musical theatre productions at Lund’s University.

Hillevi’s upcoming projects include performing with an all female orchestra, kvinnoorkestern, and principal in Malmö Academic Orchestra.



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